Reported Cases

Hines v. Illinois CG Railroad
370 NW 2nd 284 (Iowa 1982)
(Personal Injury-Hazardous Railroad Crossing)

Larsen v. Warrington
348 NW 2nd 637 (Iowa Ct. Appeals  1984)
(Waiver of Security Interest by Bank)

In re Will of Pritchard,
443 NW 2nd (Iowa 1989)
(Will Contest)

Jackson v. Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co.
528 NW 2nd 516 (Iowa 1995)
(Amount of underinsured  motorists benefits payable)

Prenger v. Baker
542 NW  2nd 805 (Iowa 1996)
(Replevin of ostriches by Buyers in ordinary course of business)

Teachout v. Forest City Community School District
584 NW 2nd 296 (Iowa 1998)
(Wrongful Discharge-Employment)

City of New Hampton v. Blayne-Martin Corp.
594 NW 2nd 40 (Iowa 1999)
(Issuance of Building Permit by City)

Oeltjenbrun v. CSA Investments
3 F. Supp 3rd 1024 (N.D. Iowa 1994)
(Hedge to Arrive Commodities Contract)

603 NW 2nd 577 (Iowa 1999)
(Insurance Coverage for Accidental Death During Surgery)

Ozolins v. Northwood-Kensett Community School District
40 F. Supps 2nd 1055 (N.D. Iowa 1999)
(Wrongful Suspension of Employment under Family Medical Leave Act)

Dishman v. AmAustin V. CUNA Mutual Life Insurance Co. American General Assurance Co.
187 F. Supp 1073 (N.D. Iowa 2002)
(Representations on Life Insurance Contracts Barred Insured Recovery)

Dishman v. American General Assurance Co. 
193 F. Supp 1119 (N.D. Iowa 2002)
(Intervening State Supreme Court Decision Did Not Alter Ruling)

Everly V. Hy-Vee, Inc.
2001 Iowa Appeals Lexis 13216
(Personal Injury-Slip and fall)

Dunham v. Amco Insurance Co.
2002 Iowa Appeals Lexis 1262
(Coverage for Personal Injury-Water Heater Fire)

Bolson v. Kuhn
2003 Iowa Appeals Lexis 536
(Personal Injury- Sudden Emergency)

Theilen v. Theilen
2003 Iowa Appeal Lexis 775
(Estate Claims)

Stewart v. Sisson
2002 Iowa Appeals Lexis 999
(Real Estate Commission)

Kelly v. Nationwide Insurance Co.
681 NW 2nd 272 Iowa 2004
(Underinsured Motorist Coverage)

Stotts v. Eveleth,
688 N.W.2d 803 (Iowa 2004).
(Sexual Abuse)

Stewart v. Sisson,
711 N.W.2d 713 (Iowa 2006)
(Realtor Commission)

Dawson v. Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors,
728 N.W.2d 61 (2006 Westlaw 3437995).
(Land Ownership)

Schwake v. City of Elma, Iowa,
732 N.W.2d 888 (2007 Westlaw 75061)

Litterer v. Hy-Vee, Inc.,
756 N.W.2d 49 (2008 Westlaw 2746870)
(Slip & Fall)

Stewart v. Sisson,
766 N.W.2d 800 (Iowa App. 2009).
(Realtor Commission)

In Re Z.W.S.,
770 N.W.2d 852 (2009 Westlaw 1066903).
(Juvenile Abuse)

Estate of Lyon, Ex Rel Lyon v. Heemstra,
772 N.W.2d 15 (2009 Iowa 2009).
(Wrongful death)

Crooks v. Floyd County Civil Service Commission,
776 N.W.2d 111 (2009 Westlaw 2392731).
(Wrongful termination)